About Acorn

We develop software
and dare to be different

Our success is based on our culture. It’s a culture in which the company’s power is generated from every employee’s personal strengths and needs. At Acorn we nurture a culture in which capable individuals can grow. Where development, from both a personal and software perspective, is given top priority. And that’s just the beginning. Our corporate culture builds pride and commitment, which attracts more employees, which in turn gives us the possibility to develop software for new exciting clients.

With us you’ll find two main areas of expertise: Systems Development and Embedded. Irrespective of the area you will get services and solutions delivered by highly motivated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable employees who are driven to give that little bit extra. Every single time. Our clients include a number of product and service producing companies for whom we design and develop systems and applications.

Welcome to a software company with a difference.



Systems development

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Våra drivkrafter

Our driving force

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4 veckor sedan

Acorn Technology AB

Vi välkomnar vår nyaste Acornobil till familjen! Tuta när du ser oss på stan! ... Visa merVisa mindre

Vi välkomnar vår nyaste Acornobil till familjen! Tuta när du ser oss på stan!

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Fint med alla "munnarna". Är du nöjd Håkis?

Vet att det är ekollon men i ett litet barns ögon blev de "munnar".

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Acorn Technology AB

Glad midsommar önskar Acorn! ... Visa merVisa mindre

Glad midsommar önskar Acorn!