Thomas Pantzar, founder and Executive Chairman. Started Sigma Systems, built up an international operation in technical systems development for the Sigma Group and as Executive Vice President of Teleca stayed with the company from establishment of the Group until it grew to 4000 consultants in 17 countries. Is immensely keen on developing companies and people and enjoys working in an entrepreneur-driven environment.

Mobile phone +46 703 79 18 30

Magnus Andersson, founder and CEO. Has previously served as CEO of Cybercom and Teleca’s operations in the region. During his tenure as CEO Magnus helped transform the companies from local consultancy suppliers into international providers of advanced turn-key solutions. One of Magnus’s strengths is his ability to create environments where people feel at home and work with a sense of pride. He has a good way with people, attracting the best capabilities to the company and helping to create a growth-oriented culture.

Mobile phone +46 767 81 48 00

Håkan Berggren, Consulting Manager. Has worked with IT since 1997 – at Ericsson AB as systems developer and for eight years at Volvo IT as a developer, Executive Director and Consulting Manager. Håkan’s main focus was on recruitment and competence development for Java and front-end developers. Håkan brings out the best in people both by developing their personal competence and by providing support in their assignments. He is often told that he has a positive attitude to everything, is inspiring and good at listening.

Mobile phone +46 722 16 30 30

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Acorn Technology AB

Vi välkomnar vår nyaste Acornobil till familjen! Tuta när du ser oss på stan! ... Visa merVisa mindre

Vi välkomnar vår nyaste Acornobil till familjen! Tuta när du ser oss på stan!

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Fint med alla "munnarna". Är du nöjd Håkis?

Vet att det är ekollon men i ett litet barns ögon blev de "munnar".

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Acorn Technology AB

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Glad midsommar önskar Acorn!