Our driving force

Four fundamental
success factors

We aim upward and forward at all levels: individually, in groups, in projects, in our competence. There are four areas that are particularly important to us. They give us energy, direction and meaning. You can read about them here.



Acorn designs and develops advanced systems and applications for leading product- and service-producing companies. We’re an experienced development partner that can take full responsibility for all aspects: from system architecture and design to implementation, quality assurance and testing. Our deliveries are characterized by responsibility, reliability and high quality. We are dynamic and ambitious – always striving to develop and to become even better than before.

For us what we do is more important than where we do it – our goal is to meet the customer’s challenge. Our consultants can shoulder specific roles in a project or alternatively we can serve as a development partner for major undertakings.



As a niche development company we believe in being open to cooperation with like-minded companies, where we can interact to boost and complement one another. This may relate to cooperation on projects, long-term development in our industry, or different types of permanent undertakings.

One example is our role in Netgroup where we as a partner contribute to the development of software competence for the automotive industry.

We also engage in informal cooperative ventures such as various open source projects or different kinds of assignments that do not provide a financial return today but which we feel may do so in the longer term.



One of our strongest characteristics is that we are open to opportunities and are always willing to question old habits. We aim to develop and improve – we’re driven by the need to perform and succeed. We are free to act and focus on what we feel is enjoyable, interesting and important. With courage, competence and the ability to think freely, we create smart and smoothly-functioning solutions for you.



We are a reliable, responsible partner with a long term perspective and a keen awareness of what is important.

Our professionalism means we are thoroughly organized and deliver with the right quality at the right time. We are easy and straightforward to deal with. We spend time on what’s important, we’re alert and good at communicating. We create credibility by always doing our homework, and we’re thorough and constructive.

Our professionalism is expressed through consistent, conscious choices that radiate relaxed self-confidence and quality.

We don’t believe in strict hierarchies and we don’t like bureaucracy. It should be easy and fun to work with and for us. By being down-to-earth and generous in all our relationships, we generate a relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere. At the same time, we are honest, open and straight-talking. An acutely attentive ear and respect combined with honest dialogue helps create security and enjoyment for employees as well as customers.



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Our driving force

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